Cop Says He Won’t Arrest Thug If He “Throws Hands” – Actually Follows Through With Promise

Sometimes you come across good police officers and sometimes you come across a rotten egg.

This officer certainly took a different turn for a call out he arrived at in a neighbourhood in the United States of America, which culminated in a full-blown street fight.

“First of all, you’re not a police officer, right? Did you go to law school, did you go to police officer school? Do you have a badge? Did you go through the academy?” says the police officer to his suspect, who has apparently been mouthing off since the police officer arrived on the scene.

“So you went to court once or twice and so all of a sudden now you know the law?” he asks as the suspect continues to yell at him, saying that he “won’t do sh*t.”

“If you wanna do something then do something then son, little kid. I just got here, trying to threaten me, son? I ought to slap you in some silvers [handcuffs] and take you down to the county. That’s what I oughta do.

“Is your camera on motherf*cker?” asks the suspect, who seems like he’s happy to throw down at any moment.

“You a rookie b*tch!” he yells before the police officer pushes him away. The camera is definitely on, according to the officer.

The police officer eventually tells the suspect that he knows how it’s going to go “as soon as he puts his hands on” the police officer’s “punk ass”.

The police officer tells the suspect “we can throw some hands and I won’t even arrest you.”

The suspect tells the officer he won’t fight him while the officer is still in uniform, but the police officer continues to call the suspect a “punk” and tells him that he’s scared.

The police officer eventually removes his kit and then the video cuts to the officer’s partner’s camera, showing the police officer throwing heavy punches down on the suspect. “He’s good, don’t do it… don’t arrest him,” says the police officer to his partner, keeping his word to the suspect.

What would you do if you were in the police officer’s shoes, or the suspect’s for that matter? Check out the full video in the player below and let us know what you think!

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