Conor McGregor accuses 50 Cent of steroid use and needing a bra

Shots between acclaimed mixed martial artist Conor McGregor and rapper 50 Cent have been ringing out across social media this week, as the beef between the two pop culture figures continues to heat up, with McGregor now alluding the 50 Cent abusing steroids in an Instagram post.

In his latest barb fired at the UFC lightweight champion, 50 Cent said that McGregor was talented “for a white boy” but that men of African descent have “superior genes”.

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The two men have been going back and forth after McGregor called out the rapper in a post regarding his latest endorsement deal with the American fast food restaurant chain, Burger King.

“Floyd [Mayweather] as a retired fighter that makes zero substantial revenue outside of the ropes is not on the list, and in the long game, is already dead. Mixed Martial Arts is a glorious game, Floyd. You are going to love it hahaha,” he wrote. ”

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Someone tag 50 Cent in this for me. He blocked me on this, the mad 50-year old Instagram blocker. Ahh don’t block me 50 kid, I still like some of your songs. The older ones haha. King bless you all, Burger King.”

50 Cent would later respond in a video that was chopped up and uploaded in different segments to Twitter and via media outlet TMZ, in which the rapper implied that McGregor had been unfaithful to his long-term partner Dee Devlin with pop singer Rita Ora.

Ora caused a stir a few months ago when she posted images with McGregor at a function and captioned the post as: “Date night”.

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“Don’t get me f*cked up, know what I’m saying? Conor McGregor is a talented fighter and all that, he’s talented for a white boy, but you know n**** have superior genes when it comes to that kind of sh*t,” wrote 50 Cent in a now deleted post.

“For white people, in order for white people to have a champion, they had to make Rocky, man. They had to make that sh*t because they can’t actually do that sh*t. It’s just too much work. Man, what the f*ck. They like, ‘How a n**** work so hard?’ […] “They love ’em some McGregor. They get their haircut like McGregor. All that sh-t. Soon as they get that first big check they gone leave their motherf*cking wife and kids like McGregor and sh*t.”

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McGregor has now shot back at 50 Cent, saying he’s a “mad bastard” that is “jabbed up”, “needs a bra” and is “fifty years old”. It’s a pretty epic takedown of the rapper, who seems to be doing all he can to stay relevent on social media nowadays.

Check out the full post from McGregor below and let us know what you think!