Girl taunts and sucker punches a guy who’s actions have divided the Internet

It should be drilled into most young men as they’re coming up that you never, ever, EVER lay your hands on a woman.

Unless your life’s in danger, you would have absolutely no reason to ever raise a hand in anger against a woman, despite whatever might be going on in your life.

In a pretty disturbing video, an argument between a man and woman turned violent, with the girl beginning to throw some hard punches at the man.

Unfortunately, we can’t exactly confirm what the initial cause of the argument was, but we do know that the woman in the video is upset because the man apparently called her “a pussy”.

Standing in the opening of an elevator, the two argue as the woman points at the man as he tries to exit from the elevator.

Eventually, he steps out of the elevator, looks straight at the camera and the woman throws a sucker punch that can be heard connecting with his face just out of the video frame.

Soon, the man begins to back away as the girl starts to throw a very fast flurry of heavy shots at the man’s face. The man wears the punches as if they were little more than the slaps of a child, still holding his beer and putting his glasses back on calmly.

Giving chase down the hallway, the woman throws a series of hard punches, hitting the man square in the head, shoulders and back as he tries to get away. “I didn’t say anything,” said the man as he walked away. “Yes, you did b*tch, what’s up?” she responds.

Eventually, the woman tries to goad the man into hitting him back as they walk down the hallway, and the man yells “I can’t hit a girl!”

The girl responds bluntly, saying “Yes you can, what’s up b*tch?”.

Props to the guy for not responding, in a situation where some people might have done things a little differently.

Check out the video on the player below of the guy refusing to hit the woman attacking him and let us know what you think:

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