Image emerges of Sean O’Malley’s foot two days after breaking it at UFC222

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“Suga” Sean O’Malley put on one hell of a performance against Andre Soukhamthath at UFC 222, where an injury to O’Malley’s foot during the fight seemed to indicate that his foot was broken.

Fortunately for the twenty-three-year-old, he was rushed quickly to the hospital and given quick access to pain relief and the foot was then x-rayed.

O’Malley had been so badly injured that he was interviewed by UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan while he lay down flat on the octagon canvas.

It is believed O’Malley’s injury stemmed from a kick of his being blocked by Soukhamthath, who proved a lack of fighting intelligence when he then chose to take the injured O’Malley to the canvas instead of making the most of his opponent’s issue and forcing him to strike on only one steady foot.

Photo: UFC

UFC President Dana White took to Instagram to announce that O’Malley’s foot had suffered no broken bones, saying that is “great but that foot sure isn’t looking good.”

Indeed, O’Malley foot looks like a marshmallow that got left way too close to the campfire, or an overfilled water balloon.

Photo: UFC

“The foot has been pretty much hurting since the fight,” O’Malley said in an interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour podcast.

“They said it wasn’t broken, but they said I’ve got a previous fracture in there from before the fight, so I’m gonna figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s hurt pretty much nonstop, so we’ll see.”

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“I didn’t (know it was previously fractured). Every fight I’m in I throw a lot of kicks. I land with my feet a lot, I’ve had a lot of foot issues because of that. I’ve had a lot of foot injuries so I wasn’t surprised.”

O’Malley said his foot had begun to hurt in the first round after landed some kicks to his opponent’s knee, but it was in the third round when a head kick was blocked that it really began to ache.

“I think I landed a few kicks with my foot on his knee in the first round. I think I hurt it a little bit in the first, a little bit in the second and then finally, I couldn’t use it in the third,” he said.

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“What I understand is it would be better if it was broken because it would be easier to heal than ligament tears. I think I would almost rather it would be broken, but we’re going to check it out and we’ll see where we can go from there,” said O’Malley.

“I’m on crutches. I couldn’t even put a little bit of pressure on it on the ground.”

Check out the image of O’Malley’s foot two days after UFC 222 below and let us know what you think!