Incredible moment Tiger and Bear have ferocious fight caught on camera

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Three of the baddest animals on earth, and each of them just as deadly as the other in their own environments. When the sun starts to beat down on the jungle, the rules of survival of the fittest really start to come into effect in the Tadoba National Park in central India.

Only about sixty tigers call this 30,000-acre sanctuary home, but they dominate the most important parts of the reserve, keeping control of the water holes where all other creatures must travel in order to drink.

Photo: YouTube

Safari guide Akshay Kumar was taking a group of tourists through the reserve on Wednesday afternoon when they came to the Jamun Bodi waterhole in the territory of a tiger named Matkasur.

Matkasur is a 7-year-old alpha male tiger who was sitting in the pond as the temperature climbed to around 35 degrees Celsius. The tourists looked on in wonder at one of the kings of the jungle when suddenly a sloth bear and her little cub walked out from behind some trees, setting up Matkasur for a challenge. The bear and her cub sought to drink from the waterhole, but Matkasur was not happy to share, instead opting to start chasing the sloth bear and her cub away.

Photo: YouTube

Matkasur then continued to chase the cub through some trees, slowly stalking what he certainly seemed to think would be an easy meal. That’s when the mother sloth bear came barreling out of the jungle, slamming straight into the ill-willed tiger.

He stood his ground, still trying to nab the cub, but the mother sloth bear was determined to keep her child safe, blocking the hungry tiger’s attempts to get past her.

Photo: Caters News

“Oh, my God,” said one tourist.

“Oh, no,” said another.

The tiger eventually managed to bite the mother sloth bear so hard that she stopped moving as he pinned her down, and the sloth bear cub ran away… then suddenly the mother sloth bear pulled herself free.


Photo: YouTube

The mother sloth bear and tiger eventually fatigued so hard from fighting that they lay next to each other, quietly, until the mother sloth bear attempted to bit Matsukar one last time, sending him running back into the jungle, terrified.

The video really is worth checking out, seeing the raw power two incredible animals can unleash on each other is absolutely jaw-dropping. Watch the full video below and let us know what you think!

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